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PFBC’S Objectives

in co-operation with others within our Networks of Support are expressed as follows:

Ref: E 0.1
To promote relations with other organisations in sharing historical perspectives, exchange material & support colleges and museums, as relevant, in order to involve our local communities and establish a national identity, which will be extended globally especially to those countries and places associated with Poole Flying Boats etc.
E 0.2
To co-operate with other charities, voluntary bodies & statutory authorities, and to both exchange information and advice with them.
E 0.3
To progress the spirit of goodwill and working relationship with the Poole Library Services as our neighbours, so that we derive mutual benefit and co-operation from this appreciation of each others’ purpose, and efforts...
However, within this remit of co-operation, PFBC has prioritised the *Community-Focus* of our Mission Statement (an example follows of that CF itemised for the Media & Design Department of the Poole & Bournemouth College), whilst always acknowledging the need to benefit the Friends of PFBC & further such interests as supporters of PFBC.