Major Projects for Study & Research

which have already been successfully initiated in highlighting the Era of Flying Boats (Civil & Military) and Seaplanes associated with Poole

Projects undertaken for PFBC feature a considerable amount of time, effort & dedication by those concerned: Each Project Leader is prominent in accepting responsibility and in encouraging the Project Team Members. The reward is the significant progress made in Celebrating the illustrious History of Flying Boats & Seaplanes.

There follows a selection of Major Projects which have been successfully initiated by PFBC’s Archivist & Volunteers, for PFBC as a Charity is reliant on voluntary effort ie without financial remuneration – and expenses rarely claimed… Indeed, where a Project requires funding, it is expected that donors, sponsorship & grants should be sought in advance, or monies be raised from sales of associated PFBC Publications & other merchandise in order to support an initiative.

PFBC’s Major Projects as specified:


D 1.0

‘The Flying Boats & Seaplanes at Poole Storyboards’

Note: April 2009 unveiled upon 3 plinths at Whitecliff

D 1.1

‘The Flying Boats & Seaplanes Poole Harbour Trail’

Note: Revised as 4 Poole Sections + 1 on the Harbour

D 1.2

‘Identification of all sites associated with above Trail’

Note: Research was extensive, and virtually concluded

D 1.3

‘Recognition through Plaques of the Significant Sites’

Note: Progressed through our design and negotiation(s)

D 1.4

‘Postcard From…: The Network of Flying Boat Routes’

Note: Project was Launched Summer 2009 + Ongoing

D 1.5

‘Storyboards for Hamworthy: Former RAF Hamworthy’

Note: Project went officially Public in February 2012

D 1.6

‘Flying Boat & Seaplanes Personnel + Poole Families inc. Marinecraft & MCA Members, and Defence Units’

Note: With potentially circa 2,000 names & details of Personnel being compiled research is exacting!

D 1.7

‘Our Community-Focus Project: Education Perspective’

Note: The Template for this has been put into good use

D 1.8

‘An Aviation Storyboard for Bournemouth + Poole Bay’

Note: The draft of Storyboard prepared for discussions

D 1.9

‘Loss of Maia Commemoration …70th. Anniv. May 2011’

Note: This inspired PFBC Commemoration May 2011

D 2.0

‘Poole Harbour in The Great War … Centennial Project’ [PFBC is a Partner in this IWM Nationwide Project]

Note: PFBC accepted by IWM as a Partner (Autumn 2011) a vast undertaking, to culminate during 2014-18

These Projects have also necessarily resulted in the expansion of the organisational structure and operation of PFBC… The group of Hon. Vice Presidents and their active involvement within the Charity now also includes the following:- Adrian Borrill (rtd. Trustee); Douglas Cook OBE (Group Captain rtd. specialising in FB Squadrons + the SunderlandFBs); Colin Cruddas (FRAeS, Aviation Historian / Author, Archivist to Cobham Family); Norman Hull (Archivist Aquila Airways); Mike Phipp (Aviation Historian & Author, Archivist for Hurn); Colin Pomeroy (Sqd. Ldr. rtd. Prolific Author + Researcher); June Topham (WRN – widow of Geoff Topham FAA); John Witcomb (WW2 on RAAF 461, Groundcrew at RAF Hamworthy)…

Also PFBC is very proud to have amongst its Hon.Life Members the remarkable John Alexander Cruickshank V.C.! As well as distinguished HLMs who are representative of Organisations marking Aviation History & Achievement e.g. John Evans (Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust and Museum); David Legg (The Catalina Association…also Plane Sailing); Bryan Ribbans (Seawings); Colin van Geffen (Presenter, Aviation Artist, esp. specialising in the Schneider Trophy Races)… and maritime dimensions e.g. Ian Byard (re: British Power Boat Co Ltd.) + David Ross (British Military Power Boat Trust).

The efforts of PFBC have been further supported by the Historians Andrew Hawkes, Richard Knott and John Wilson, amongst a growing contingent of Authors who are succeeding in raising the profile of their subject areas for all of us! Included are those delivering Papers, and writing Articles e.g. Chris Goss, Dr. Terry McDonald, and Kevin Patience…

PFBC enjoys recognition from various local entities especially Poole Maritime Trust and the Society of Poole Men… also from the Christchurch Branch of the Royal Aeronautic Society – whence we now

More Progress for PFBC as follows:

A significant step forward, has been the marvellous input from Sarah Austin in the improvement of the *PFBC Website*, whilst others continue to give terrific support e.g. Barbara Cobb, Geoff Mason-Brown, Stephanie Mobley & Gabby Waters.

PFBC is very fortunate to have received support from Captain Bill Lock – who once piloted most classes of Flying Boats from Poole heading into the postwar era, until the relocation to Southampton, after which he was prominent in trialling… and from Basil Ratcliffe (Councillor in Bournemouth) who was formerly one of a trio in Ops at Poole in the postwar era, together with Brian Grinter, Ron Gubb & Gordon Reeves (Stewards), Patricia Miller (Clerk), and Bob Kent (Lake Yard). Their contribution in detailing information is significant in bringing various Civil Air Projects to a successful conclusion. Vital support is also gratefully received from the Family members of those similarly once based at Poole & elsewhere e.g. Re: Capt. Taffy Barrow, Capt. Lewis Carey, Capt. Vic Hodgkinson, NO John Elliott, WO George Spencer & Donald Hill.

Also Tessa (Capt. Mountain), Val (Sidney Bradshaw), Yvonne (RO John Anderson Brown) and Elizabeth (Capt. Lobley), together with Vic Tridgell (on 765 RNAS Sandbanks) + Edward Walkey (on 210) and the RAAF 461 Squadron Veterans.

When PFBC enjoys the surroundings of the Haven Hotel at Sandbanks (WW2 control centre for Combined Ops at Poole), courtesy of John Butterworth, for those Trustee Meetings where others are invited to attend, PFBC receives support from Ian Andrews (op cit…author, historian & former Town Clerk of Poole) Brian Galpin (providing tangible links with Poole Families), David Mauleverer (op cit), Terry Mobley (aviation buff & pilot), Mike Phipp (op cit…), David Seymour (War Memorials Trust), and now joined by John Gully, David & SallyAnn Wakeford, Heather S, and Patricia W as Volunteers with specific roles.

Meanwhile, the six PFBC Trustees Ken, Harry, Bertie, Stephen, Babs & Aimée continue to give of their time & energies!

April 2012