The Arena for Study & Research

of Poole Flying Boats Celebration (UK Charity No.1123274) in spotlighting the Era of Flying Boats (Civil & Military) and Seaplanes associated with Poole.

The arena of research and the subjects encompassed within this, are both significant & extensive for PFBC: These are not only largely representative of the whole field of the History of Flying Boats & also Seaplanes, but form an impressive matrix of interrelated topics essentially focused on Poole that extend ways beyond!

The focus variously encompasses the following as already recognised and researched in a chronological order, but not exclusively: ~


C 1.0 The early Hydroplanes aka Waterplanes which featured locally, and in Dorset

C 1.1 Seaplanes and Airships of the Royal Navy Air Service locally in the Great War

C 1.2 The role of Hill – Richards (Admiralty) Shipyard at Lake, for Seaplane Lighters

C 1.3 A Royal Air Force Training Detachment at North Haven, Sandbanks in 1918/19

C 1.4 Flying Boats and Seaplanes which competed for the Schneider Trophy in 1919 held at Bournemouth, and with links to Poole

C 1.5 The inter-war period with the occasional visiting Seaplane, or those brought in

C 1.6 The period immediate to the WW2 with plans progressed, and trialling of Poole

C 1.7 The relocation of Imperial Airways Ltd. Fleet from Southampton Water to Poole

C 1.8 The Maia – Mercury Story with a conclusion as separate aircraft when at Poole

C 1.9 The Transatlantic Crossings by British Flying Boats, Pan Am Clippers & others, inc. the return flight of Bermuda Sky Queen, from Poole in 1947

C 2.0 The subsuming of Imperial Airways at Poole by British Overseas Airways Corp

C 2.1 Purchase + Lend-lease of US manufactured Flying Boats & Seaplanes at Poole

C 2.2 Detachment of BOAC Flying Boats from Poole to Durban for Horseshoe Route; Shuttle Services to Foynes, also BOAC’s Poole Training School

C 2.3 Delivery of former BOAC Poole Catalinas for Double Sunrise Route (QEA Perth)

C 2.4 Conjoint Ops of BOAC & RAF Transport Command at Poole’s Marine Terminal

C 2.5 Fleet Air Arm’s 765 at Royal Naval Air Station, Sandbanks as HMS Daedalus II for Seaplane Training 1940-43

C 2.6 Founding of RAF Hamworthy for the Military Flying Boats of Coastal Command viz Sunderlands of RAAF 461 Squadron + Catalinas on RAF 210

C 2.7 Intrinsic links between RAF Hamworthy with RAF Mount Batten & RAF Calshot also RAF Pembroke Dock, Oban, Stranraer & Castle

Archdale etc.

C 2.8 The various Marine Craft Units of IAL / BOAC, the Ministry of Aviation (MCA) RAF and Fleet Air Arm, also the US Coastguard Rescue


C 2.9 The families in Poole where members were based with IAL, BOAC, RAF & FAA as well as those with the MCUs (- including BOAC’s Seawomen); also those once based here, who opted to make Poole their home

C 3.0 Air Sea Rescue; Operation Overlord; + repatriation of former Prisoners of War

C 3.1 Postwar Services of BOAC, interfacing with Hythe Maintenance + BOAC Hurn

C 3.2 The significance of testing at Poole, on the Development & Manufacture of FBs

C 3.3 Flying Boat Routes and Connections from Poole, in the immediate Postwar Era

C 3.4 Transfer to Southampton; inauguration of Springbok Route after trials at Poole

C 3.5 The Storage for Sale or Dismantling of Flying Boats at former RAF Hamworthy

C 3.6 The influence of Poole Flying Boats, and other connections upon Aquila Airways

C 3.7 Final visit 1976 by Sandringham Flying Boat – Southern Cross to Poole Harbour now restored & exhibited as Beachcomber at Solent Aeronautica

C 3.8 Other exhibits, esp. MoTaT Auckland where there is a former Poole Flying Boat

C 3.9 Formation of Poole Flying Boats Celebration as a Charity, and Friends of PFBC + also with support for the Bournemouth Air Festival (from 2008)