The Charity is committed to developing and maintaining a public-access archive.

For the purposes of this website a selection of illustrated documents of interest are made available here:


01 (pdf, 11Mb)

The Earliest Records of Flying Boats & Seaplanes at Poole and Bournemouth


02 (pdf, 4Mb)

Approaching the Dark Days of War … The Fleets are in at Poole



03 (pdf, 5Mb)

‘Newcomers’ and new Beginnings at Poole; also the RNAS Sandbanks


04 (pdf, 6Mb)

Changes at Poole with RAF Hamworthy, to maxise potential



05 (pdf, 6Mb)

BOAC Poole … and visitors. Momentum for the postwar Era at Poole



06 (pdf, 5Mb)

Towards the end of an Era at Poole.  Au revoir.



07 (pdf, 5Mb)

Capt. Ralph Mountain: extraordinary deeds – a legend in his lifetime



09 (pdf, 6Mb)

The Life & Times of Capt. James Peers – the last Empire C-Class Captain



10 (pdf, 5Mb)

A Flying Boat Finale at Poole from 1953 – Remains of This Day



12 (pdf, 5Mb)

A Compelling Swansong for the Flying Boats – Aquila, Artop and TEAL



19 (pdf, 1Mb)

BOAC Staff at Poole: Towards 650+ … (IAL 1939 and BOAC 1940-48)

Updated June 2015



20 (pdf, 8Mb)

Aquila Insight: A Behind the Scenes Look at Aquila Airways 1948-58



21 (pdf, 8Mb)

LVE: Love Makes the World Go Around … VPE-LVE Southern Cross (a Flying Boat from Poole Harbour circumnavigates the World in almost 30 years)


24 (pdf, 6Mb)

Flying the Flag … mapping IAL & BOAC Routes


IAL from September 1939, and BOAC April 1940-48 at Poole, also with RAF Transport Command from 1942/3 to 1945.



26 (pdf, 4Mb)

Flying the Flag: Poole Savings Committee 1943 … Sunderland ML743